Brick in yo face

Artist: Stitches

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Straight from the heart of Miami, Florida, the young mogul known as Luxury Living Kirb, has put the work in every step of the way throughout his career, from the start of day one. Half-Cuban and Dominican, driven by the pure love of the craft, he’s carved himself out a place of his own in the music industry, taking the time to handle his business the right way by becoming involved in every aspect of his success.

You name it, and Kirb has conquered it. He started out as a fourteen year-old kid chasing down the bus to catch a ride to the studio, and he’s never looked back ever since. A dedicated artist by every sense of the definition, he’s taken on every role in behind the scenes, from handling bookings, to management, doing security, marketing, A&R, engineering, publishing & administrative work, straight on through to his time spent directly in the spotlight as a premier creator that has changed the game in countless ways.

While most of you may know him for his work as the producer of the mega-viral hit from Stitches called “Brick In Yo Face”, or being the marketing genius that helped stimulate the millions of hits, clicks, and views it has taken in to-date around the globe online – Luxury Living Kirb chose to be inspired to work hard towards helping the entire music community. Drawing comparisons to his idol DJ Khaled being the mastermind designer of hit songs that cannot be denied, Kirb has continued to work incredibly hard on both sides of the studio boards as a music creator for his own solo material, as well as a producer/engineer for titans of the industry such as Kevin Gates, Lil Wayne, Offset, Lil Boosie, Mistah Fab, Compton Menace, The Ying Yang Twins, and tons of new upcoming superstars.

Always ready to out-hustle the rest from the music to the microphone, Kirb started up his own official publishing/production company called Luxury Living Music, in order to take his whole career to the next level. Making music that hits different for all the right reasons- from the raw attitude of his rhymes to the true grit in the strength of his beats, Luxury Living Kirb was straight-up born to rock the industry & disrupt the scene through a powerful dose of true authenticity. While he’s undeniably accomplished more than most would in a lifetime, he’s still just getting started with his own massive plans to take over the game – Luxury Living Kirb was blessed with a gift to see the vision & the skills required to go after it.

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Sosamann, Kevin gates, Roscoe Dash, Ying Yang Twins, Young breed, Billy blue, lil mouse, fat trel, Dj Paul, stitches, level, offset, lil boosie, Mistah fab, sky Balla, prezi, Lil rue, 40 keys, 55 bagz, ion lil gut, Vice Versa, Yaj, Poppy, Jay Jones, Desloc Piccalo, Slutty Boyz, Str8 Kash, Fooly Faime, Block125, Seed of 6ix, Lil infamous & loco dunit, Scanman, Compton menace, Mojo, nephew Texas boy, Hoodybaby… and much more


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